New! - HERO Clean Products

Ace is proud to sell a Hero Clean, a new line of products. Hero Clean was developed with two things in mind: the touch messes men can make and the desire to support our veterans. The result was a line of tough cleaning products, from laundry detergent to odor eliminating spray. 7% the Hero Clean company's profits are donated to the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America.

These six Hero Clean products are sold in all four of our stores, so stop in and give them a try.

hero facebook post copy.jpg

Hero Clean Odor Eliminator 17oz (1624733) - $5.99
Hero Clean 25pk Detergent Pods (1699941) - $9.99
Hero Clean Laundry Detergent (1673417) - $9.99
Hero Clean Hand/Dish Soap (1611029) - $3.99
Hero Clean 45pk Detergent Pods (1693126) - $14.99
Hero Clean All Purpose Cleaner (1624709) - $3.99