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Our Electrical Department has the tools and supplies needed for home wiring projects, electrical repairs, and replacement and upkeep of appliances and fixtures.


Here at Walsh's we are always learning about new, energy efficient light bulbs, and quite often, you'll find our new and most popular light bulbs on sale in our flyers. We sell several kinds of LED and CFL bulbs, and we would be happy to help you transition your home or business over to entirely energy efficient lighting.

In addition to LEDs and CFLs, we sell several different fluorescent tube bulbs and ballasts. We have many kinds of spot light and flood light bulbs, and we have a large selection of appliance bulbs. 

We sell many different flashlights and light fixtures. If you're looking for something specific that we don't have in stock, we would be happy to order it for you.


We sell electrical wire by the roll—which is ideal for large wiring projects—and by the foot, for when you just need a small amount to do a repair. We are more than happy to measure and wind any length of wire for you.

We also have extension cords for indoor and outdoor use and of varying strengths, along with power strips and surge protectors.

To finish your wiring projects, we have a variety of switches, receptacles, and wall plates. 

If your wiring project includes digital wiring, we have the supplies you need to hook up computers, televisions, and telephones. 


Many electrical projects require specific tools, and we have what you need to work safely and efficiently.We sell wire strippers, crimpers, and pliers. We have a wide variety of multimeters, outlet testers, and voltage testers from great brands like GB Electrical and Klein Tools.. We also have a great selection of electrical tape. 

If you are repairing or improving some electrical work, we have the supplies you need. We sell electrical staples, heat shrink tubes, terminals, wire connectors, and plenty of zip ties.