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Color Your Life with the best products and the best advice! 

Our paint departments carry Valspar, Clark and Kensington, Ace Royal, Kilz, and Zinsser paint. For stain, we carry Ace, Old Masters, Cabot, TWP, and Minwax. 

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If you need some new paint to mix something you already painted, we have two ways that we can help you:

1. We color match paint. If you bring in a sample (the old paint can, a cupboard door, a paint chip...) we can match the color and make you up a new can of that color. Please do not take a photo of the paint because the color in the photo will not be the same as the color of the paint.

2. We can keep customer records. If you get paint mixed in our paint department and you want us to save a record of it, we can! Just tell us your name and the name of the project you're painting when we mix you some paint. If you come back in a couple years and need more of the same paint, we can look up exactly what you got.