All four of our stores offer light bulb recycling.

Light bulbs are priced by the bulb. The bulb types we recycle are: incandescent, fluorescent, u-bend, circular, HID high intensity, mercury, UV tanning, shatterproof, LED, and CFL. 


La Crosse, Richland Center, and Muscoda stores also offer ballast recycling. Ballasts are priced by the pound. 


We recycle most kinds of batteries at our La Crosse, Richland Center, and Muscoda stores. Single use batteries are priced by the pound. Rechargable batteries are free to recycle. If you bring in AA, AAA, C, or D batteries, please be sure to have the ends taped!

Our Portage store also recycles rechargable/sealed batteries.


Our Richland Center and Portage stores accept old American Flags to be respectfully disposed of.