Soil and Seed


We sell  soil by Ace, Scotts, Purple Cow, and Miracle Gro for all sizes and kinds of gardens. We also sell cypress mulch, pine mulch, and compost manure. 


We have grass seed for sun, shade, high traffic, and repair jobs. We sell it in small and large bags, and also in bulk. You can view the grass seed Ace sells here.


Some plants require special soil to be healthy. We have several kinds of special soils and treatments, including orchid mix and several kinds of organic potting soil. You can view the soils Ace sells here.

Our stores get a shipment of field grass and alfalfa seed in each year. Call your local store for information on them. 

Weed and Feed


We sell Roundup, Ortho, Bonids, Scotts, Spectracide, Preen, and more brands of weed killer. We have products that kill specific weeds, like poison ivy and crab grass, and products that will deliver a widespread, powerful treatment to your yard. 

You can see the weed killers Ace sells here.


Whether you want to fertilize a little house plant, or your entire lawn, we have the products you need. We sell fertilizer spikes for trees and shrubs, and plant food spikes for flowers and house plants. We have many different treatments that gardeners swear by, like blood meal, super phosphate, and Osmocote. 

We sell the Scotts 4-Step lawn fertilizer program. We also have a variety of Ace fertilizers that are specific to your lawn's needs.  We have winterizers, 10-10-10, pelletized lime, milorganite, and more. 

You can view the fertilizers Ace sells here.

Pest Control


We sell insecticides for all kinds of insects all all kinds of places. We have citronella candles and torches, bug killing equipment,  insect dusts, insect repellants, fly control products, and more. 


We have rodent and small animal traps, repellants, and poisons. We know different people prefer different approaches to dealing with rodents, so we have a wide variety of solutions for you to try.

You can see the insect and rodent control products Ace sells here.

Lawn and Garden Tools


Not only do we offer a wide assortment of hoses, we also have several hose repair menders and hose adapters. We have several styles of hose nozzles and sprinklers. We also carry hose reels and rain gauges.

You can view the hoses and hose accessories Ace sells here.


We have many styles of sprayers, including deck sprayers and backpack sprayers. You can view the sprayers Ace sells here.

For spreaders, we have hand spreaders and broadcast push spreaders. You can view the spreaders Ace sells here.


We sell all of the basic tools you need to make gardening easier. We have rakes, shovels, spades, and forks. We also have post hole diggers, and fruit pickers. We sell trimmers and pruners, and axes, picks, and sledgehammers. 

If you're looking for a specialty garden tool, ask us about it, because chances are, we easily can get one for you.

You can view the lawn and garden tools Ace sells here.


We have landscape fabric in different lengths and widths, and we sell a few different styles of landscape edging. Our Richland Center and Muscoda stores also sell railroad ties that make excellent landscape edging.

You can view the edging and fencing Ace sells here.